TCS Releases Database of FY11 Earmark Requests

TCS Releases Database of FY11 Earmark Requests

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Dec 7, 2010  | 1 min read | Print Article

FY 2011 Earmark Request Database

With the help of Taxpayers Against Earmarks and, Taxpayers for Common Sense has compiled a comprehensive database of FY2011 earmark requests.

What did we find?

39,294 requested earmarks, worth $130 Billion.

See below for a complete database of the requested earmarks and other related information.


FY 2011 Earmark Requests Database

Data Summary and Highlights

Joint Press Release

Taxpayers Against Earmarks – Earmarks Map

FY 2011 Earmark Requests Advertisement

Politico: Congress sought 39,294 earmarks

Taxpayers for Common Sense President Ryan Alexander Statement
FY 2011 Earmark Requests

“As 39,294 earmark requests worth more than $130 billion demonstrates – even with House Republicans abstaining, lawmakers appetite for earmarks last year was rapacious. There are just a few months between when earmark requests are due and the committee starts drafting bills. It would be physically impossible for a small army to vet tens of thousands of requests in that short amount of time and the committee has a relatively small staff. This data reinforces that Congress needs to pause and think about better ways to allocate our precious taxpayer dollars. Lawmakers should work with the Executive Branch to establish metrics, priorities and criteria and develop merit-based, competitive or formula programs to spend money. Then they should hold agencies accountable and conduct real oversight.”