Data Center

Welcome to the Data Center! We are pleased to offer direct access to many of the datasets we use in our analysis. Over the years, we have built datasets in a variety of areas of federal spending, with earmarks being one of the most well-known.  Our hope is to make our data as usable to other organizations, advocates, government officials, and the public as possible.

On our open data platform, you can sort, filter, create maps and charts, and even download the dataset.

Because all of the data we offer is public information, we ask that all users agree to these basic terms of use, that:

  • information provided by TCS in whatever form is meant for research, educational, or journalistic purposes only;
  • TCS Data shall not be used for commercial purposes, to solicit contributions, or sold to third-parties;
  • and that appropriate credit will be given to TCS for all reports, articles, mashups, or other use of our data, including a link back to our website for all items published on the web.

By publishing the datasets on our open data platform, we are trying to make your access of the data as user-friendly as possible.

We have gone through all of these data sets with a fine tooth comb, and you can read our connected analysis to find what we think is the most useful and relevant data in each data set.

If you have any questions or feedback about the data presented here or how to use the different features, please feel free to contact us. Enjoy!

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