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Cyber Spending Database

July 31, 2017

Taxpayers has created a cyber spending database to ask, explore, and analyze how much money the federal government is spending on cyber programs across all agencies.

In the first half of 2017 alone, we’ve seen several cyber threat events. 

Shadow Brokers hacking the NSA, WannaCry crippling the UK's National Health Service, the French election email dump and more. These events make us wonder:

How much and where is the US government spending money on cyber programs?

It’s a good question to ask at a time when everyone needs, and pays, for cyber security.

Taxpayers for Common Sense has created a comprehensive Cyber Spending database to show how much money the federal government is spending on cyber programs across all agencies – which, in addition to being complex and dynamic, are inherently at risk today, in the age of the hack.

It’s especially important to ask where the taxpayer’s money is going. Until now, there hasn’t been an easy way to track this information. Furthermore, the fragmented nature of cyber security programs means there is no central authority for tracking amounts or efficiencies of spending. Unlike most other types of government spending -- except intelligence and, perhaps, homeland security – cyber spending isn’t easily tracked or fully documented.

Bottom line: We, the taxpayers, don’t really know where the federal government is spending cyber dollars, how they are being spent, why, or when. So how are we to know what’s working, duplicative, or inefficient? Because as Taxpayers president Ryan Alexander points out, “You need to name things in order to better manage them.”

Click here to access the Taxpayers for Common Sense Cyber Spending database. 

• What is This Database?

• Cyber Methodology

Unclassified Cyber Spending, by Agency (FY 2007 - 2016)

• What Does the U.S. Government Spend on Cyber Issues? Nobody Knows

• Classified Cyber Spending – The Rest of the Iceberg

• Cyber Spending Increases – Real or Imagined?

• Do Spikes in Federal Spending Correspond with known Cyber Attacks?

• Why Don’t the Numbers Match?

• Why Does the Tool Exclude Department of Defense Operations and Maintenance?

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Cyber Spending Database

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