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Taxpayers are losing millions on natural gas extracted from federal land

November 19, 2014 | Energy , Natural Resources

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) within the Department of the Interior (DOI) manages both leasing on federal lands and leasing of... Read More

Superstorm Sandy Spending Report, Two Years Later

Wednesday, October 29th marked the second anniversary of Superstorm Sandy hitting the east coast and provided another opportunity to... Read More

Effective Tax Rates of Oil & Gas Companies: Cashing in on Special Treatment

July 30, 2014 | Budget & Tax , Energy

From 2009 through 2013, large U.S.-based oil and gas companies paid far less in federal income taxes than the statutory rate of 35... Read More

The Unaffordable F-35: Budget History and Alternatives

April 24, 2014 | National Security

At least $8 billion of the Pentagon’s budget for fiscal year 2015 is devoted to a single aircraft program: the F-35 Joint Strike... Read More

Understanding Oil and Gas Tax Subsidies

April 09, 2014 | Budget & Tax , Energy

Understanding Oil and Gas Tax Subsidies is an in-depth look at special provisions written into the tax code over decades that benefit... Read More

Repair Priorities 2014

Download the full report  State departments of transportation (DOTs) are spending more money building new roads than... Read More

TCS Report: Real Savings, Real Deficit Reduction

Relieving Budget Caps with Common Sense Savings in Fiscal Year 2014... Read More

Earmark and Appropriations Data

October 29, 2013 | Earmarks & Appropriations

Earmark Data Even under an existing moratorium, earmarks have received a lot of attention in the media, in Congress, and around the... Read More

Budget & Tax Data

October 09, 2013 |

Miscellaneous Tariff Bill Data The Miscellaneous Tariff Bill (MTB) is a compendium of more than two thousand tariff waivers which... Read More

Farm Bill Energy Title Program Data

September 24, 2013 | Agriculture , Energy

The so-called “farm bill” is a wide ranging piece of legislation that funds everything from nutrition assistance programs and broadband internet to agricultural subsidies for the production of crops such as corn and soybeans. The energy title of the farm bill, first introduced in 2002, provides grants, loans, and other subsidies to energy efficiency, biofuels, and bioenergy (heat and power) projects. This dataset includes available data on recipients of two major energy title programs, including the Rural Energy for America Program (REAP) and the Bioenergy Program for Advanced Biofuels (BPAB). ... Read More

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Weekly Wastebasket

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February 20, 2015

High Risk for Waste

Alert! The Government Accountability Office – the nonpartisan watchdog arm of Congress – has released its “High... Read More

The Unaffordable F-35