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Taxpayers for Common Sense’s Stephen Ellis on Hurricane Sandy Relief

Original Publication: CSPAN - Washington Journal , January 05, 2013
Article Author:
January 07, 2013

Washington, DC

Justin Hyde, Yahoo Autos Senior Editor

  • Topic: An estimated 14.5 million cars were sold in the United States in 2012.  Guest will discuss the contributing factors to the strong numbers and how the sales influenced the condition of the economy.   Guest will also discuss the influence of federal policy upon the current condition of the auto industry.

Stephen Ellis, Taxpayers for Common Sense Vice President

  • Topic: The Senate this week approved an emergency assistance bill for victims of Hurricane Sandy, but the legislation was not brought to the House floor before the 112th Congress adjourned due to spending concerns.

Frederick Kaufman, Author, “Bet the Farm: How Food Stopped Being Food”

  • Topic: Guest argues rising food prices around the world come as a result of food being packaged and sold as a commodity on international trading markets.  Guest will discuss the influence of the financial industry, large food corporations and federal policy upon how food is treated as a form of commerce.

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