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Actors Adam West and Mariel Hemingway, Endorse Retirement of Four Lower Snake River Dams

January 21, 2000 Snake River. Both actors offered their reasons why they offered their support. "Celilo Falls.  When I was a boy my grandfather took me there to fish with the Indians.  The dams covered the falls and soon the salmon may be only a memory as well.  We must not let this… arrow

300 Groups Endorse Retirement of the Four Dams on

April 12, 1999 Snake River, which was named today as America’s most endangered river. Located in eastern Washington State, the four dams are a leading threat to Snake River salmon and steelhead runs and have cost the federal government hundreds of millions of dollars. "It’s time to cut our losses and remove these… arrow

07 Members of Congress Urge President to Consider Snake River Salmon Recovery Options

April 04, 1999 Snake River salmon and steelhead. With unparalleled support of a bipartisan group from 21 states, Reps. Thomas Petri (R-WI) and George Miller (D-CA)  authored a letter urging consideration of solutions to Snake River salmon recovery.   The Representatives urged the President to oppose attempts to "circumvent relevant laws or postpone"… arrow

500 Alaska Fisherman Endorse Removal of Four Dams

March 06, 2006 Snake River in Washington State, which Alaska Governor Tony Knowles has called a "killing field" for endangered salmon.   The list of 500 fishermen was posted today on the internet at Taxpayers for Common Sense, a national organization that maintains the list. It includes the name, town and boat name… arrow

Snake Bitten By Salmon Subsidies Weekly Wastebasket

October 01, 2004Snake River basin in the Pacific Northwest. Attempts to save these endangered species have shred billions of federal dollars like fish through a turbine. All the while, the federal government has turned a blind eye to the most cost-effective solution to the problem: Dam Removal. A new decision ignores the… arrow

Failing Salmon Recovery Efforts are Costing Taxpayers Billions Fact Sheets

February 09, 2009 Snake River Basin. But, in spite of this spending, salmon populations continue to decline. In fact, a comprehensive review by the Government Accountability Office found that from 1982-2002 there was no "conclusive evidence" that any of the federal efforts to restore salmon had been successful. Since 2000, federal agencies have… arrow

Save Money, Save Salmon Weekly Wastebasket

April 12, 1999Snake River in eastern Washington State. The four small dams are a leading threat to Snake River salmon runs and have cost the federal government hundreds of millions of dollars.   It is time for taxpayers to cut our losses and remove these dams. For the past 20 years, federal… arrow

Members of Congress Voice Support for Cost-Effective Salmon Recovery Our Take

April 03, 2009 Snake River salmon in manner that protects the interests of taxpayers, and the communities that depend on them. Since the 1980’s more than $8 billion has been spent on efforts to recover endangered salmon stocks, but the fish continue to decline. The letter asks the administration to develop a recovery… arrow

Power Council Proposes to Further Weaken Salmon Recovery Efforts

December 09, 2002 Snake Rivers. If adopted, NPPC's amendments would alter dam operations currently spelled out in the 10-year federal salmon plan issued by the National Marine Fisheries Service in December 2000. In particular, the Power Council is proposing that federal dam operators abandon flow targets designed to improve the survival of young… arrow

Anti-Salmon Rider Passes - Taxpayers Potentially Liable for Billions

September 22, 2000 Snake River dams. It not only stops any physical work towards removal from taking place, but also blocks engineering and mitigation studies and plans. "Severe actions like this move Senator Gorton out of the mainstream and into the political extreme. He disregarded the legislative process by putting this anti-salmon, anti-taxpayer… arrow

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September 21, 2017

Lots of Lawmaker To-Dos

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