Common Sense Conversations: May 6, 2019

Common Sense ConversationsCommon Sense Conversations: May 6, 2019Biofuels, Disasters, and Infrastructure

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May 8, 2019  | 1 min read | Print Article

Our monthly roundtable finds TCS analysts discussing the issues of the day. Because regardless of whatever intrigue and gossip may be hogging the headlines, we never take our eye off the fiscal ball. We call them Common Sense Conversations, and you are invited to listen and send in your questions.

FYI we’ve been holding these for a while now. If it’s news to you, it’s because you’re not on our Weekly Wastebasket list – sign up now, it’ll take you all of 30 seconds.

The May 2019 conversation focused on energy policy (specifically E15 expansion year-round, the biodiesel tax credit), disaster spending, and infrastructure investment.


Analysis and articles mentioned in this conversation:

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