U.S. Forest Service – Tongass National Forest Financials

U.S. Forest Service – Tongass National Forest Financials

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Mar 16, 2015  | 1 min read | Print Article

The U.S. Forest Service publishes an annual report on its management of the Tongass National Forest, including a financial statement of what the department spent and received through its various programs in the Tongass. The reports, however, are scattered throughout the Forest Service's website, and in some cases, completely inaccessible. To facilitate research on the Tongass, and improve oversight of the Forest Service's practices, particularly its sales of public timber resources, TCS has made each of the financial reports and timber program budget information for fiscal years 2008-2013 available below.

USFS – FY2008 Tongass Financial Information

USFS – FY2009 Tongass Financial Information

USFS – FY2010 Tongass Financial Information

USFS – FY2011 Tongass Financial Information

USFS – FY2012 Tongass Financial Information

USFS – FY2013 Tongass Financial Information

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