Common Sense Conversations: July 1, 2019

Common Sense ConversationsCommon Sense Conversations: July 1, 2019Improper payments, government waste, and leaving money on the table.

If you have listened to any of our past conversations, you’ve heard about lots of examples of spending that doesn’t makes sense – from subsidies to farmers to budget gimmicks in the defense spending bills.  Today I want to talk a little about the flip side of fiscal issues: examples of when the federal government leaves money on the table or truly just throws it out the window.  There are examples all over the government – from failing to charge or collect royalties from oil and gas companies, to letting contractors get away with not meeting their obligations to the taxpayer, to sending payments to people who are not providing services or maybe even dead.

Join us to find out how this happens, and what that sometimes says about power and pull.

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