You REAP What You Sow

Rolling Analysis, FY21 Budget You REAP What You Sow

This year’s Presidential Budget Request marks the fourth year in a row the administration has sought to zero out funding for the US Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Rural Energy for America Program (REAP). Now, if we could just get Congress to agree…

The program was first created as part of the 2008 farm bill and has provided upwards of $750 million since its inception. Initially intended by Congress to provide federal grants and loans to renewable energy projects, REAP has also subsidized producers of corn ethanol, enriching an industry that has been heavily subsidized for decades. Despite lawmakers’ attempts to reign in the program and prevent the funding of mature corn ethanol, REAP has continued to dole out taxpayer money, in defiance of Congressional intent.

We hope the fourth time will be the charm and that Congress will adopt the administration’s request to eliminate funding for REAP.