Industry Rushes to Resuscitate Biodiesel Tax Break

In The NewsIndustry Rushes to Resuscitate Biodiesel Tax Break

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Feb 5, 2019  | 51 sec read | Print Article

This quote from a paywalled CQ Now article, was first published by Doug Sword on February 5, 2019
“But $17 billion is a big payday for a niche industry, said Autumn Hanna, a vice president for Taxpayers for Common Sense, which opposes the package of tax extenders generally and the biodiesel tax credit in particular.

Biodiesel made from waste products, like restaurant grease, is an environmental plus, Hanna allowed. But the environmental benefit from making biodiesel from its dominant source — soybean oil — is “highly questionable,” she said. “It’s just not really clear what the benefit to federal taxpayers is,” Hanna said of the credit.”

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