2020 Bailout Defense Program Funding

COVID-19 Analysis, DoD Funding2020 Bailout Defense Program Funding

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Mar 26, 2020  | 1 min read | Print Article

We’re busy diving into the details of this massive $2 trillion dollar stimulus bill. For starters, we’re looking at all the publicly identified increases in the various agencies of the Department of Defense.

Of the roughly $9.5 billion we were able to identify by reading the Department of Defense portion of the actual bill, a whopping $3.8 billion is for the Defense Health Program. And while it makes sense that this would get such a large portion of the Pentagon increase, that kind of injection of cash will require very careful oversight. Of the total for DHP, about $3.4 billion is for Operations and Maintenance and another $415 million is for research and development.

All told, we’re glad the DoD Inspector General is getting an injection of $20 million to oversee all this extra cash for the Pentagon.

We’ve produced this handy chart for your reference.

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