4.6 Ideas for the Department of Defense

Analysis4.6 Ideas for the Department of Defense

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Feb 1, 2021  | 1 min read | Print Article

President Joe Biden is in the midst of his first 100-day policy sprint.

In honor of the 46th President, we have come up with a “Four Point Six” memo. This is our set of 4.6 recommendations the Biden Administration should follow in governance to promote policies to restore fiscal balance, increase transparency and accountability, and reduce the deficit. These recommendations span government agencies from Defense to Agriculture, Interior to the Office of Management and Budget. You can read the full memo here.

Why 4.6? We could have done 46 but we decided to begin with our top priorities, and we consider the “Point Six” recommendation to be the simplest place to start.

Read on below, or download here.

This is an excerpt. Read the full Four Point Six memo here.

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