Ships and aircraft and missile defense, oh my!

Rolling Analysis, HEALS ActShips and aircraft and missile defense, oh my!A closer look at the HEALS Act.

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Jul 28, 2020  | 43 sec read | Print Article

Shipbuilders Rejoice, Here Comes that Boatload of Mischief

Between money directly intended for shipbuilding and some for depot maintenance, the shipbuilders of America can look forward to an additional $2.3 billion.

New Aircraft, too!

Aircraft procurement or major refurbishment, across the Army, Navy and Air Force clocks in at $3.4 billion and includes additional F-35s, Apache helicopters and P-8 patrol aircraft.

Wait Now, Does Missile Defense Work Against the Virus?

The Missile Defense Agency is included in this largesse with $664.6 million between research & development and procurement.

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