Founded in 1995, Taxpayers for Common Sense is a 501(c)(3) nonpartisan budget watchdog that serves as an independent voice for American taxpayers. Our mission is to ensure that the federal government spends taxpayer dollars responsibly and operates within its means. More

History & Accomplishments

Throughout our history, TCS has empowered citizen activists, the media, policymakers, and allies from across the ideological spectrum with the information and insight necessary to make government work for all. More


Taxpayers for Common Sense: Scrupulously accurate, aggressively nonpartisan, and doggedly persistent at eliminating government waste. More


TCS Awards shine a light on lawmakers, federal projects, and taxpayer advocates. TCS’s Mr. Smith Goes to Washington Award honors lawmakers and activists who have made a difference to taxpayers across America. The Golden Fleece Award embodies both outrage and humor as it puts a spotlight on projects that waste taxpayer money. More


The TCS staff is a lean and effective team of analysts and communicators led by TCS President Ryan Alexander. More

Board of Directors

The Taxpayers for Common Sense Board of Directors includes experts in a wide variety of issues and in nonprofit management. The board’s membership reflects perspectives from across the political and ideological spectrum. More

Work for TCS

We are looking for talented people to add to our team of investigators, analysts, and advocates. TCS offers internships to qualified college students and fellowships to recent college graduates. More

About TCS

Taxpayers for Common Sense is an independent voice for taxpayers working to increase transparency and expose and eliminate wasteful and corrupt subsidies, earmarks, and corporate welfare. More

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October 20, 2017

Farming for Cash Behind Closed Doors

At Taxpayers for Common Sense we work with everyone. Unless they don’t want to work with us, which is... Read More

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