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In the fight to control government spending and reduce our national deficits and debt, Congress’ first priority should be stopping wasteful spending. Every year, the federal government wastes billions of tax dollars on obsolete or unnecessary goods and services. ...More

For years, many special interests have been successful at securing wasteful subsidies through direct appropriations or through the tax code. Members of Congress who want to bring federal dollars to their districts have inserted spending into appropriations bills for things we simply do not need. Federal agencies have wasted federal resources through mismanagement and poor spending oversight. Ultimately, responsibility for wasting federal tax dollars rests with Congress, and lawmakers should be held accountable for all of their spending decisions.

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Our Take

New GAO Report on Tongass Timber Management

April 28, 2016

New GAO Report on Tongass Timber Management The USFS reports that its Tongass timber program cost taxpayers $11.4 million/year from 2005 and 2014 – a total of $114 million.... Read More

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BLM Begins Review of Federal Coal Leasing Program

April 05, 2016

BLM Begins Review of Federal Coal Leasing Program Last week the Department of Interior (DOI) released a Notice of Intent to conduct a Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement (PEIS) of the... Read More

Our Take

Lawmakers Question Interior’s FY17 Budget

March 23, 2016

Lawmakers Question Interior’s FY17 Budget Interior Secretary Jewell recently testified at hearings on the Dept. of Interior's FY17 budget request.... Read More

Letters & Testimony

TCS Urges BLM to Avoid Delays, Reduce Wasted Gas Now

March 14, 2016

TCS Urges BLM to Avoid Delays, Reduce Wasted Gas Now In January, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) proposed new rules to limit the amount of gas being vented, flared, and leaked from oil and... Read More

Our Take

TCS President Ryan Alexander Tells BLM How to Improve Rule, Reduce Wasted Gas

March 03, 2016

TCS President Ryan Alexander Tells BLM How to Improve Rule, Reduce Wasted Gas Bureau of Land Management held another in a series of listening sessions on its proposed rule to reduce wasted gas from oil and gas operations on federal lands. ... Read More

Our Take

TCS Speaks at Public Hearing on BLM Methane Rule

March 01, 2016

TCS Speaks at Public Hearing on BLM Methane Rule TCS Co-founder Jill Lancelot spoke today at the 3rd in a series of public forums on BLM's draft rule to minimize venting and flaring of natural gas on federal lands.... Read More

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Fact Sheets

Fact Sheet: Agricultural Shallow Loss Programs Digging Deeper

April 07, 2016

Updated Farm Program baseline numbers from the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) confirm taxpayers are unlikely to harvest the $16.6 billion... Read More

Reports & Data

Disaster Spending Data Resources

January 28, 2016

To increase transparency and facilitate oversight of disaster-related relief spending, TCS has collected all, or most, of the publicly... Read More

Reports & Data

Report: Understanding Federal Subsidies for the Biofuels & Biomass Industries

September 09, 2015

This report examines the subsidies the ethanol industry has received over the last three decades on all steps of the supply chain, and how biofuel and biomass subsidies have allowed the federal government to pick winners and losers, distort energy and agriculture markets, and contribute to expansion and overproduction of certain types of bioenergy.... Read More

Reports & Data

Agricultural Conservation: A Farmer’s Risk Management Tool

July 28, 2015

Agricultural producers mitigate risks of doing business in various ways by utilizing private sector risk management options and enrolling in... Read More

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Robins AFB Supporters Visit Capitol Hill Amid Rising Concerns

April 29, 2016 | The Tribune (San Luis Obispo, CA)

WASHINGTON - Georgia’s political and military powerbrokers gathered on Capitol Hill on Wednesday to voice their shared support for protecting... Read More

Tariff Turmoil

April 27, 2016 | Politico

POLITICO Influence on April 27 included the following section.... Read More

Congress Is Endangering Military Readiness

April 25, 2016 | The National Interest

House Armed Services Committee chairman Mac Thornberry recently complained about readiness weaknesses across the U.S. military. But he and his... Read More

Clean Coal’s Big Cost

April 22, 2016 | U.S. News & World Report

Despite the general paralysis in Congress this exceptionally polarized election year, lawmakers have been making efforts to provide more... Read More

Carbon Capture: Groups Slam Tax Credit Proposal

April 15, 2016 | Environment & Energy

A coalition of environmentalists and market-focused groups is urging Congress not to expand tax credits for carbon capture and sequestration... Read More

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April 22, 2016

Up in Smoke

Today is the deadline for comments to the Bureau of Land Management (“BLM”) on its proposed rule dealing with... Read More

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