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In the fight to control government spending and reduce our national deficits and debt, Congress’ first priority should be stopping wasteful spending. Every year, the federal government wastes billions of tax dollars on obsolete or unnecessary goods and services. ...More

For years, many special interests have been successful at securing wasteful subsidies through direct appropriations or through the tax code. Members of Congress who want to bring federal dollars to their districts have inserted spending into appropriations bills for things we simply do not need. Federal agencies have wasted federal resources through mismanagement and poor spending oversight. Ultimately, responsibility for wasting federal tax dollars rests with Congress, and lawmakers should be held accountable for all of their spending decisions.

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Our Take

Homeland Security in the House Appropriations Committee

July 17, 2015

Homeland Security in the House Appropriations Committee This week the House Committee on Appropriations took up the Fiscal Year (FY) 2016 funding bill for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).... Read More

Coming Up

20th Anniversary Celebration

June 25, 2015

20th Anniversary Celebration For two decades, Taxpayers for Common Sense (TCS) has served as an independent voice for American taxpayers, making sure that the federal... Read More


DOE Finalizing $1.8 Billion in Loan Guarantees for Vogtle Owner Is Reckless

June 24, 2015

DOE Finalizing $1.8 Billion in Loan Guarantees for Vogtle Owner Is Reckless Today, the Department of Energy announced it would issue $1.8 billion in loan guarantees to the Municipal Electric Authority of Georgia (MEAG)... Read More

Event Summary

Briefing on the Tongass Timber Program

June 23, 2015

Briefing on the Tongass Timber Program TCS recently co-hosted a briefing with National Taxpayers Union and National Audubon Society on money-losing timber sales in the Tongass National Forest.... Read More


Comments to BLM on Oil and Gas Rulemaking

June 19, 2015

Comments to BLM on Oil and Gas Rulemaking The federal onshore oil and gas leasing system needs to be updated in order to ensure taxpayers a return for resources developed on public lands.... Read More

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Agricultural Conservation: A Farmer’s Risk Management Tool

July 28, 2015

Agricultural producers mitigate risks of doing business in various ways by utilizing private sector risk management options and enrolling in... Read More

Fact Sheets

Biofuels Resource Page

June 23, 2015

The resource page for TCS' research on Biofuels.... Read More

Fact Sheets

2014 Farm Bill Crop Insurance Subsidies for Biofuels Crops

June 18, 2015

Taxpayers are increasingly subsidizing the entire supply chain of bioenergy production. Numerous federal farm bill programs subsidize the... Read More

Fact Sheets

Federal Subsidies for Corn Ethanol and Other Corn-Based Biofuels

June 15, 2015

Since its creation of the domestic market for corn ethanol after the energy crisis of the 1970s, the federal government has nurtured and... Read More

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We taxpayers deserve a fair return on our assets

July 29, 2015 | The Hill

Almost every policy discussion in Washington is framed by the fiscal challenges we face as a country, challenges that stem from a long... Read More

Transportation Department at risk of defaulting on debt, doesn’t even know how much it owes

July 16, 2015 | The Washington Times

The Dept. of Transportation has fallen dangerously behind on its debt collection.... Read More

How Pluto won over NASA’s critics

July 13, 2015 | Politico

NASA rarely gets an easy win.  When the space agency began proposing human missions to Mars, critics slammed it for ignoring a return trip to... Read More

Cochran seeks millions for ship Coast Guard doesn’t need

July 12, 2015 | USA Today

WASHINGTON – Sen. Thad Cochran used his clout as chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee last month to add $640 million to a spending... Read More

Goodbye, Money-Sucking Empty Buildings. Hello, Better Government?

July 10, 2015 | The Daily Caller

American taxpayers are forking over $1.7 billion a year just to maintain empty federal buildings. Each year, 12 agencies run 20 programs to... Read More

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July 24, 2015

Endless Love for Ethanol

It’s a timeless story of teenage romance: pledges of love, abandoning reason, and rebelling against authority.... Read More

20th Anniversary Celebration


U.S. Coal to Germany