Defense Assets Data - Glossary of Terms

Display Criteria: To qualify for individual entry in the BSR, a DoD site located in the United States must be larger than 10 acres AND have a Plant Replacement Value (PRV) greater than $10 million. If the site is located in a foreign country, it must be larger than 10 acres OR have a PRV greater than $10 million to be shown as a separate entry. Sites that do not meet these criteria are aggregated as an “Other” location within each state or country. Since Army National Guard State sites tend to be smaller, the criteria were adjusted so that sites larger than five acres AND have a PRV greater than $5 million are shown. Army National Guard sites not meeting this criteria are aggregated as “Other” for each state. 
Site: Physical (geographic) location that is or was owned by, leased to, or otherwise possessed by a DoD Component. Each site is assigned to a single installation. A site may exist in one of three forms: land only - where no facilities are present; facility or facilities only - where there the underlying land is neither owned nor controlled by the government, and land with facilities – where both are present.
Component: Designates the primary DoD Component for the owner/reporter of a site, either Active, Guard, or Reserve.
MIL: Identifies the military personnel identified as working at the site to include Active, Guard, and Reserve personnel, regardless of Military Service affiliation.
CIV: Identifies the DoD civilian personnel identified as working at the site, regardless of Military Service affiliation.
OTHER: Identifies other non-military personnel identified as working at the site (e.g., Non-Appropriated Funds (NAF), direct and indirect foreign nationals, contractor personnel).
PRV ($M): Indicates the total Plant Replacement Value (PRV) for all facilities (buildings, structures, and linear structures). This value represents the calculated cost to replace the current physical plant (facilities and supporting infrastructure) using today’s construction costs (labor and materials) and standards (methodologies and codes).
NOTE ON PERSONNEL DATA: This information is provided ONLY to show a level of magnitude when comparing sites. Data does not necessarily reflect accurate Military Personnel strengths. Detailed personnel questions should be addressed to the appropriate Military Service manpower or personnel offices.


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