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TCS Statement on the Government Shutdown

October 01, 2013

Ryan Alexander, president of Taxpayers for Common Sense, released the following statement on the federal government shutdown.

For Immediate Release Contact: Steve Ellis
October 1, 2013 202-546-8500 x126

TCS President Ms. Ryan Alexander Statement on the Government Shutdown

“Enough is enough. Policymakers need to come together and enact legislation to keep government funded in the short term. Then they should turn right around enact full year spending bills for fiscal year 2014 that respect the spending caps that Congress voted for and the President signed into law under the Budget Control Act.

“While all the debate is swirling around Obamacare, this impasse is the direct result of the failure of Congress to pass a single spending bill. The House only passed four of the dozen bills that fund government and the Senate has passed none. And they haven’t even tried since they left town in August.

“We know from the past that the shutdown will cost taxpayers in both dollars and lost work. And stopgap funding bills are an incredibly inefficient way to run the government. Americans deserve less grandstanding and more lawmaking from their elected officials.”


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