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The Weekly Wastebasket is our e-commentary on a specific wasteful government program or proposal along with our solutions, read by thousands of Congressional and agency staff, journalists and editorial writers, bloggers and activists.
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    Final Budget Countdown

    February 05, 2016

    The final budget of the Obama Administration hits the street on Tuesday. It’s a week late and marks the sixth time out of eight budget... Read More

    Final Budget Countdown

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Taming the Wild Wild Waste

January 29, 2016 | Energy , Natural Resources

Taming the Wild Wild Waste Last week, while we at TCS were bracing for two feet of snow, the Department of the Interior quietly released a 300 page proposal to reform... Read More

President Ethanol

January 21, 2016 | Agriculture , Energy

President Ethanol On February 1st, Iowa voters head to the caucuses to pick their favorite for nomination to be President. President Jimmy Carter really put... Read More

Digging Deep on Debt

January 15, 2016 | Energy , Natural Resources

Digging Deep on Debt For the first time in 30 years the federal government has decided to pause its federal coal leasing program in order to review whether it... Read More

Yet Another Flood

Yet Another Flood Floodwaters that peaked in Missouri last week continue to make their way down the Mississippi. In some places, record or near-record flood... Read More

Festibus for the Rest of Us

Festibus for the Rest of Us Just in time for our last Weekly Wastebasket of 2015, the Congress hammered out a compromise spending bill for the current fiscal year –... Read More

Coal in Congressional Stockings

December 11, 2015 | Budget & Tax , Earmarks & Appropriations

Coal in Congressional Stockings Still wrangling over a massive spending bill for all of government in fiscal year 2016, Congress gave themselves another extension through... Read More

Congressional Cram Session

Congressional Cram Session Like a student with a term paper to do, Congress tries to make up for doing nothing most of the year, with a furious finish in December.... Read More

10 Ways Congress Can Earn Taxpayers’ Thanks

10 Ways Congress Can Earn Taxpayers’ Thanks It’s Thanksgiving week. At Taxpayers for Common Sense, we thought we’d do what so many Americans do at this time of year – take stock of... Read More

Reorienting Pentagon Priorities

November 20, 2015 | Budget & Tax , National Security

Reorienting Pentagon Priorities It’s been a week since the terror attacks in Paris. Attacks like these strike at our core; they happened at locations we like to believe... Read More

Budgetary Dark Arts

Budgetary Dark Arts You’ll often hear us calling for spending to be offset. Cut wasteful spending here, eliminate an unnecessary tax expenditure there, or... Read More

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