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    Christmas in July for Coal Companies

    July 29, 2014 | US News & World Report

    Tomorrow morning, the Bureau of Land Management will hold another lease sale of federally owned coal. And it’s going to be a lousy deal for... Read More

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CROmnibus Analysis Blog

December 09, 2014

The eagerly anticipated CROmnibus, that will provide funding for the federal government for fiscal year 2015, has finally been... Read More

Our Take

Top 10 Tax Cherries On Top of the CROmnibus

December 17, 2014

Fresh off their $1.1 trillion CROmnibus high, the Senate approved a bill providing dozens of tax breaks to special interests. The tax... Read More


TCS Statement on the Senate Passing the CROmnibus spending bill

December 14, 2014

Saturday night the Senate voted 56-40 to pass the CROmnibus. As we have documented (and will continue to document) this bill has many flaws,... Read More

Our Take

Stocking Stuffers in CROmnibus’ Pentagon Spending

December 12, 2014

The Pentagon portion of the CROmnibus is liberally sprinkled with funding for programs the Pentagon either wants to end or never asked for in... Read More

Our Take

Billions in Taxpayer-Backed Loans Slated for Risky Nukes

December 10, 2014

Today the Department of Energy issued a $12.5 billion nuclear loan guarantee solicitation. More of a kitchen sink approach this time around,... Read More


Statement by Ms. Ryan Alexander, President, Taxpayers for Common Sense on the fiscal year 2015 Omnib

December 10, 2014

We will analyze this bill and find various spending nuggets and legislative provisions, both good and bad, and then it's time to turn the page... Read More

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Policy groups take on extenders

December 18, 2014 | Politico

TOP 10 ‘MOST GLUTTONOUS’ EXTENDERS. Taypayers for Common Sense published a list of what it considers the 10 most egregious tax extenders... Read More


Oh, and President Obama’s Request for Police Body Cameras? It Wasn’t in the Budget Congress Just Pas

December 18, 2014 | The Root

Lawmakers went home for Christmas without acting on the president’s $263 million request.... Read More


10 Outrageously Pricey Tax Breaks ‘Gifted’ by Congress

December 18, 2014 | The Fiscal Times

The Senate, on its way out at the close of the 113th Congress, approved the extension of more than 50 tax breaks, collectively known as “tax... Read More

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December 19, 2014

Congress by the Numbers

Sine Die. That’s the Latin phrase for spells the end of the 113th Congress. Phew. While we have a couple weeks... Read More

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