The Omnibus Is Even Bigger Than You Thought

FY18 OmnibusThe Omnibus Is Even Bigger Than You ThoughtBill text plus explanatory materials makes for more speed reading.

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Mar 22, 2018  | 45 sec read | Print Article

All told, the FY2018 Omnibus package is 3,743 pages long – 2232 pages of bill text + 1511 pages of explanatory materials). Even if lawmakers pulled an all-nighter to review the bill before voting on it 24 hours after its 8:15PM release last night, they would have to keep up a speed reading pace of more than 2.5 pages per minute. Put a different way, it represents more than $900 million a minute.

The reality is that the House of Representatives will likely vote on the package early this afternoon, giving lawmakers far less than 24 hours to review.

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