Who Loses from Senate Appropriators Vote to Allow Funds to be Shifted to Border Fencing

Military Construction BudgetWho Loses from Senate Appropriators Vote to Allow Funds to be Shifted to Border FencingWith context, and charts

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Sep 12, 2019  | 2 min read | Print Article

Today feels like August in DC, but it must be September since the Senate Appropriations Committee is finally voting on spending bills.

Senate Democrats came to today’s mark-up of the Pentagon spending bill hoping to block the Trump Administration’s transfer of funds from previously appropriated military construction projects to building fencing on the Southern Border. Their amendment failed.

To give you some context, we’ve put together this handy chart listing the projects the President plans to raid and organizing them by U.S. state and territory. We’ve also subtotaled the dollar amounts by state and territory. We do the math so you don’t have to!

Altogether, U.S. states and territories will lose more than $1.7 billion of the $3.6 billion the Pentagon says it suddenly doesn’t need for these construction projects.

Puerto Rico, still struggling to recover from Hurricane Maria, will lose more than $400 million. Guam will lose another $257 billion. It’s almost like the Administration is specifically targeting the territories which they perceive to have less political clout. The U.S. Virgin Islands will lose more than $27 million.

The big state losers (in dollar terms) are:

* New York — $160 million
* New Mexico — $125 million
* Alaska — $102.4 million
* Virginia — $89.2 million
* Washington — $88.9 million
* North Carolina — $80.2 million

Where the “deferred” project is clearly related to security, safety or anti-terrorism/force protection issues, we’ve noted that.

We are combing through the tables that accompany the bill and will post any interesting tidbits we find.

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