BETA – New TCS Digital Infrastructure

BETA – New TCS Digital Infrastructure

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Jun 5, 2012  | 3 min read

Welcome to the new website of Taxpayers for Common Sense. We’re migrating our 17 years of research and investigations over to this new platform so we can better shine the light on the federal budget process. The American people need to know how their tax dollars are being spent, and we want this site to be your source for all the latest.

The digital world has changed how we track federal spending, and you'll notice a number of new features here as well.

We’ve got a new Data Center, which allows you to dig into the data behind budget policy. In the Data Center you can create your own data visualizations, save your searches, and even embed your research on a blog or website, or share it to your Facebook profile or page.

It’s now easier to find our research and analysis with our new navigation options. You can search by issues — e.g. Agriculture, National Security, Energy — and also by topic. Within each subject area you can bone up on the issues by reading our “101's“, and stay current by following TCS “In the News“.

All of these changes have been designed to encourage participation in the budget process, and we want your feedback on what you find here; please comment. We do encourage you to share our content through social media, and thanks for spreading the word about our common sense solutions to the budget impasse. If you're visiting the site to do research, there’s a new Advanced Search function that will help you access all of our research, including the government documents we’ve uncovered.

Lastly, we hope you’ll continue to support us. Taxpayers for Common Sense depends on people like you – we don’t accept grants from the government, corporations, or others with a financial stake in our work. We want to be your voice. Please click the orange “donate” button in the upper corner and contribute today.

The new website and digital tools will be in BETA into the new year, and if you encounter any particular issues or roadblocks, please don't hesitate to contact us and let us know. We're here to help.

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