America's energy policy is riddled with unnecessary subsidies such as loan guarantees, corporate welfare, and special interest tax breaks. Many of the most profitable and powerful energy industries in the world receive federal handouts from cradle to grave. ...More

Today’s intricate web of energy subsidies allows energy companies to cash in on century-old, obsolete tax breaks. Loan guarantees force taxpayers to reimburse lenders if an energy company defaults on projects banks consider too risky.  Taxpayers also pick up the tab for oil spills and abandoned mines, when these bills should be paid by the companies that created the mess in the first place.

Direct subsidies, loan guarantees, price floors, and other financial incentives for mature, profitable industries distort market forces by enabling Congress to choose winners and losers.

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Our Take

The President’s FY2017 Budget - TCS Analysis

February 08, 2016

The President’s FY2017 Budget - TCS Analysis Ongoing analysis of President Obama's final budget request for FY 2017 and insight into what it all means for taxpayers.... Read More

Event Summary

TCS Co-hosts Panel on Fair Return for Publicly-Owned Natural Resources

February 08, 2016

TCS Co-hosts Panel on Fair Return for Publicly-Owned Natural Resources TCS and Project on Government Oversight hosted a panel discussion on how the federal government can better manage resources on federal lands.... Read More

Letters & Testimony

TCS Urges Lawmakers to End Ethanol Blender Pump Spending

February 02, 2016

TCS Urges Lawmakers to End Ethanol Blender Pump Spending TCS sent the following letter urging Senators to prohibit the Secretary of Agriculture from spending $100 million on ethanol blender pumps.... Read More


Statement: Proposed Rule for Venting and Flaring

January 22, 2016

Statement: Proposed Rule for Venting and Flaring On Friday, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) proposed new rules to limit the amount of gas being vented, flared, and leaked from oil and gas... Read More


TCS Applauds Federal Coal Program Review

January 20, 2016

TCS Applauds Federal Coal Program Review The ad below ran in the print edition of Politico on Wednesday, January 20th.... Read More


TCS Statement: Review of Federal Coal Program Is Welcome News

January 15, 2016

TCS Statement: Review of Federal Coal Program Is Welcome News On Friday, the Department of the Interior, the federal agency responsible for managing development of federal lands and waters, announced it... Read More

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Fact Sheets

Royalty Rate Reductions on Federal Coal Leases: 1990-2013

November 18, 2015

BLM has reduced the royalty rates on federal coal leases frequently during the last 25 years.... Read More

Fact Sheets

Coal Bonding: Time to Revisit Self-Bonding Requirements

November 09, 2015

For centuries, coal producers in the U.S. regularly abandoned their mines when on-site operations ended, leaving tens of thousands of... Read More


Venting and Flaring of Natural Gas on Federal Lands

October 13, 2015

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) within the Department of the Interior (DOI) is in the process of establishing new standards to limit the... Read More

Reports & Data

Report: Understanding Federal Subsidies for the Biofuels & Biomass Industries

September 09, 2015

This report examines the subsidies the ethanol industry has received over the last three decades on all steps of the supply chain, and how biofuel and biomass subsidies have allowed the federal government to pick winners and losers, distort energy and agriculture markets, and contribute to expansion and overproduction of certain types of bioenergy.... Read More

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Obama Administration Expands Climate Fight with Proposed Rules for Oil and Gas Drilling

January 27, 2016 | The Washington Post

The Obama administration took a step Friday toward plugging thousands of small methane leaks from oil and gas operations around the country,... Read More

Rep. Lipinski’s Bill to Require Full Payment of Royalties on Methane Gets a Boost

January 27, 2016 | The Chicago Tribune

Congressman Dan Lipinski's (IL-3) bill that would lead to a more efficient use of natural resources, a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions,... Read More

Trickling Away: Multiple Voices Express Concern over Lost Gas on Federal Lands

January 22, 2016 | The Dickinson Press

An environmental organization, western North Dakota Native Americans and a taxpayer watchdog group are all calling on the U.S. Bureau of Land... Read More

Obama Pauses All New Federal Coal Leases; Industry Calls It ‘Political Exercise’

January 21, 2016 | SNL Energy

The Obama administration will put a pause on all new federal coal leases while it reviews its program's methods for reviewing environmental... Read More

Moratorium Announced on New Coal Leases

January 19, 2016 | Casper Star Tribune

The Obama administration announced a moratorium on new coal leases Friday, delivering a significant victory to environmentalists who have... Read More

Weekly Wastebasket

Our weekly reality-check for federal spending. View All

January 29, 2016

Taming the Wild Wild Waste

Last week, while we at TCS were bracing for two feet of snow, the Department of the Interior quietly released a... Read More

Venting and Flaring of Natural Gas on Federal Lands

Burning Money Report

TCS Celebrates 20th Anniversary


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