Broad Budget Brushstrokes

NDAA, National SecurityBroad Budget Brushstrokes

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Jun 12, 2020  | 1 min read | Print Article

The SASC press release indicates that the draft authorization bill adheres to the current budget agreement and holds “spending” on national security at the previously approved levels. This also tracks with the President’s budget request for FY21 which you can review with this handy TCS pie chart :

  • Department of Defense base budget — $636.4 billion
  • Department of Defense Overseas Contingency Operations – $69 billion
  • Department of Energy nuclear weapons programs — $25.9 billion
  • Other (including Military Construction) $9.1 billion

That’s a whopping total request for national security “spending” of $740.5 billion. Sharp eyes are probably wondering why we put “spending” in quotation marks. That’s because the Pentagon authorization bill is policy legislation and can’t cause a single of your tax dollars to be spent. Only the upcoming appropriations bills can do that. Stay tuned as those bills start to move and the spending rubber really meets the road.