Common Sense Conversations – September 9, 2019

Common Sense ConversationsCommon Sense Conversations – September 9, 2019Drilling in the Arctic, the disaster supplemental, the Antideficency Act, "fence" funding, and more

Congress is back and faces a long list of things and three weeks (and counting) to keep the government from shutting down. As always, TCS is here to call out the budget shenanigans.  We cover the bogus revenue projections used to promote drilling in the Arctic, Congressional options for responding to the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian and other disasters, and look once again at efforts by the president to use money not from Mexico (and in this case, appropriated for other projects) to build something at the southern border: in this case, fencing that costs an average of $3900 per foot.


Here’s a list of the resources and analyses mentioned during the conversation.

TCS Report: Taxpayers Lose on Arctic Drilling

TCS Analysis: Arctic Oil and Gas Leasing Infographic – Federal Revenue Projections that Don’t Add Up

New York Times: The White House Saw Riches in the Arctic Refuge, but Really May Fall Short

TCS OpEd in The Hill: Taxpayers lose on drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

TCS Analysis: Robbing Peter Pentagon to Pay for Paul the Wall

TCS: By the Numbers: MilCon Funds Divered for Illusory Security. 

OpEd by TCS in The Bulwark: Trump is Trading Safe Schools for His Precious Wall, Which is Really a Fence

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