Border Barriers and Security

Rolling AnalysisBorder Barriers and SecurityWe've spent billions on the border between the U.S. and Mexico. How much has been effective? How much has been wasted?

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TCS has done significant research and analysis into border security, and specifically, the efficiency and sometimes questionable spending on the U.S.-Mexico border barrier. Here you can find all our work on the subject from recent years.

(Note: There are two ways to access the information. Below you can find a text timeline. Further down, you can find a reverse blog roll of the same information.)


October 17Again, the Separation of Powers Matters.

September 19Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect $3.6 Billion

September 12Who loses from  Senate appropriators vote to allow funds to be shifted to border fencing

September 5By The Numbers: MilCon Funds Diverted for illusory Security

September 5Pentagon delays projects to fund border wall

August 9The Separation Of Powers Matters

July 26A budget deal may have been reached, but tough decisions on border spending loom

March 13Border Security Funding Increases

March 11The President’s FY 2020 Border Wall Funding Request

March 1Emergency, Schmergency

February 15The Diversion of Funds for a Border Wall is a Bad Idea – For Many Reasons

February 15Presidential End Run on Military Construction Money

February 15Seven Questions About Border Security in the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2019

January 10The Wall, An Emergency, And Congress’ Power Of The Purse


December 12Border Barriers: A Primer

October 30 – Statement on Deployment to the Southwest Border -There’s a lot we don’t know. Congress needs to ask questions

September 7 – Wastebasket on Border Security Profiteering -Plans to secure the border have long been fraught with wasted taxpayer funds.

August 22 – Policy brief on Border Security Profiteering – A tale of waste.

May 16 – Not Another Brick In The Wall – The Pentagon is not a piggybank to fund the federal govt’s requirements.

April 13 –  Don’t Spend Pentagon Money to Build a Border Wall – We remain highly critical of recent attempts to siphon money from the Pentagon to pay for a border wall.

April 6 – Factsheet: Diminishing Returns of Investing in Physical Barriers – Why a “wall” won’t resolve the immigration “problem.”

April 6 – Anatomy Of A Budget Gimmick: Efforts To Use Pentagon Funds To Build The Wall – Pentagon money should not be used to build the wall.

March 29 – OpEd in The Hill: Proposal to use Pentagon funds for border wall is ill advised

March 22 – Sugar Pill Of A Wall – Sensors might be better than a wall, but neither solves immigration issues a barrier is supposed to fix.

February 12 – Border Security and Immigration


October 5 – Weekly Wastebasket: Bonanza At The Border

August 31 – OpEd, U.S. News & World Report: President Trump’s Reckless Wall Ultimatum – Threatening a shutdown won’t spur Congress to action.

August 11 – Weekly Wastebasket: Budget Shenanigans to Build a Border Wall

July 24 – Letter to the Hill: Pentagon Shouldn’t Pay for a Border Wall – There are better ways to secure the nation than an expensive border wall.

July 19 – OpEd, U.S. News & World Report: Building a Wall in the Dark – Congress is using budget shenanigans to funnel Pentagon money to President Trump’s border wall.

April 27 – Funding President Trump’s Border Wall Is a Total Pipe Dream – The president’s border wall may not scuttle spending plans now, but it’s still unrealistic.

February 17 – Building a Border Wall of Debt – Who will foot the bill for Trump’s executive order on border security and immigration?

January 26 –Weekly Wastebasket: Building A Wall Of Waste

Here you can find a reverse chronological blog roll of our latest analysis on the border security and barrier issue.

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