Farm Bill 2018: Commentary and Analysis

Rolling AnalysisFarm Bill 2018: Commentary and AnalysisIt's been four years since the last farm bill. Here's what's new, what's not, and what's a problem.

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Apr 12, 2018  | 4 min read | Print Article

At long last, the wait is over. The last farm bill came out four years ago. So what’s in this bill? Where are the high(low)lights of the bill?

Follow along. We will add to this analysis as we digest this tome.

April 12, 2018

The Farm Bill is finally here

Statement on the Farm Bill

So what’s in the 2018 Farm Bill?

April 13, 2018

Cotton seed makes the list of covered commodities

Loan rates raised for cotton

Million dollar farms can now receive more payments

Cousins, nieces, and nephews eligible for taxpayer funded subsidies

ARC and PLC reauthorized with changes to calculations

Effective reference price likely increases payments to producers

April 18, 2018

No More Energy Title in the Farm Bill

Rebooted: The Repowering Assistance Program

The Biomass Research and Development Initiative

Bioenergy Program for Advanced Biofuels

Rural Energy for America Program

April 19, 2018

Biomass Crop Assistance Program

Scaling Back Biorefinery Assistance

Cuts to the Biobased Market Program

April 20, 2018

New Farm Bill Fills with Wasteful Ag Subsidies

April 29, 2018

Impact of U.S. Agriculture Subsidies on Water Quality

April 30, 2018 

Measuring Performance of Farm Bill Conservation Programs

May 15, 2018

Letter to Chairman Pete Sessions: Support Open Debate on the Farm Bill 

May 16, 2018

Crop Insurance Reimbursement

May 17, 2018

Statement On Decision Regarding Debate On Farm Bill

May 18, 2018

Statement On (Unexpected) 2018 Farm Bill Vote

The Farm Bill Lesson: You’re Doing It Wrong! 

June 28, 2018

Farm Bill at the Precipice

Statement Regarding the $867 Billion Senate Farm Bill Passage

June 29, 2018

Opportunity Squandered in Senate Farm Bill

July 17, 2018

Energy Title Programs in the House and Senate 2018 Farm Bills

July 24, 2018

Trump Administration Cuts Checks to Salve Trade Wounds

August 15, 2018

Trump Tariff Twilight Zone

Taxpayers Are Dairy’s Cash Cows

August 21, 2018

Trump’s Tariff Frenzy Knows No Bounds

August 27, 2018

Trade Tariff Hush Money Tranche #1

August 30, 2018

The Farm Bill Divide

September 4, 2018

Trade War v. Farm Bill: The Return of Congress

September 5, 2018

Just The Facts: The Grassley/Meadows Amendment to the 2018 Farm Bill

September 11, 2018

A Cornucopia of Myths and Misinformation in the Farm Bill Conference Meeting

September 13, 2018

USDA Goes Shopping

October 11, 2018

The Farm Bill Has Expired. What Now?

October 12, 2018

The Romance is Dead: The Farm Bill and SNAP Need a Divorce 

November 13, 2018

Close Farm Program Payment Loopholes 

November 16, 2018

Conservative and Free Market Groups: Oppose Any Farm Bill That Expands Egregious Subsidies

No more exploiting payment loopholes, focus farm programs on farmers 

Lame Duck Congress Pushing Lame Farm Bill

November 19, 2018

Close Farm Program Payment Loopholes 

December 11, 2018

Top 10 Worst Provisions in the Farm Bill

January 9, 2019
New Disaster Bill: A Disaster for the Ag Safety Net

January 18, 2019

The Quiet Decline of Common Sense in Federal Farm Policy

January 24, 2019

Agriculture Disaster Spending Bill Socializes Risks While Privatizing Profits

March 27, 2019

Why Disaster Spending? Taxpayers Already Created A Generous Safety Net for Agriculture

April 12, 2019

Federal Flood Aid Must Not Bailout Bad Decision Making

June 4, 2019

Congress Passes (Excessive) Supplemental Spending Bill

June 5, 2019

Grassley And Fortenberry Insist So-Called Farmers Actually Set Foot on Soil

July 29, 2019

Trump Administration Doubles Cost of Ag Safety Net

September 13, 2019

WHIPping Up a Frenzy for Farming Subsidies

September 18, 2019

WHIPping Up Agricultural Disaster Spending Since 2017

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