Oil and Gas Development on Federal Lands

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Nov 27, 2018  | 4 min read | Print Article

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM), an agency within the Department of the Interior (DOI), leases federal lands to private companies for the purpose of oil and gas development. Revenue derived from oil and gas production on federal lands is an important source of income for the treasury. But the current leasing and royalty collection system disproportionately benefits industry at the expense of taxpayers–minimizing returns and locking up federal lands.

Learn more about oil and gas development on federal lands and special interest tax breaks through the resources below.


DOI’s existing oil and gas management practices allow for oil and gas producers to leak, flare, and vent natural gas at an alarming rate. Much of this gas is lost without paying royalties, this means millions in lost revenue for taxpayers each year.

The Royalty Policy Committee

Reconvened in March of 2017, the Royalty Policy Committee (RPC) is a Federal Advisory Committee made up of outside advisors, to evaluate current policies at DOI that govern the management of federal natural resources and to advise his department and sub-agencies on possible reforms to those policies.

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