The President’s FY2020 Budget Request

Rolling AnalysisThe President’s FY2020 Budget RequestFrom the big picture to all the plot twists and interesting details. We cover all aspects of the budget request. Read on.

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Mar 8, 2019  | 3 min read | Print Article

The lights in the theatre have dimmed, we’re hunkered down in our seats with the jumbo tub of popcorn, the Jujubes, and an extra large drink. We’re waiting for the main event – the release of the President’s Budget Request for Fiscal Year 2020 (FY20).

But wait! First we have to sit through the trailers of the full-length movie to come.

And at Taxpayers for Common Sense, that’s where we are. We’re all set to start our annual analysis of the budget but, today, we’ll be reading the truncated version. We’ll try to imagine the voice of that guy who used to narrate all the best movie trailers. “In a world where budget details are scarce…you have the brave analysts at TCS to get you through this budgetary desert to the oasis of full information…coming soon to a landing page near you.”

Watch this space!

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Budget Process Explainer

The budget process explained in 13 facts – a good refresher.

Keep in mind that the FY2020 Presidential Budget Request will come out in two parts – a first volume that contains the president’s budget message, priorities, budget overview, and topline numbers for each cabinet department and independent agency, and summary tables. The full budget is expected a week later – generally a total of five volumes, backed by detailed budget justification sheets (thousands of pages) from each agency. That’s when we break out the green eyeshades. And order extra coffee and donuts.


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